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How To Remove "?m=1" From Blogger URL (Easy Method)

Removing ?m=1 from Blogger URL makes our URL looks clean and professional. It is very easy to remove it. You just have to follow simple steps.
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If you are a blogger then you might have notice that your blogger url contains ?m=1, which makes your URL lengthy and unprofessional. Also, if you visit others blogger website then you won't find such digits in their URL. Why is it so ? Have you ever thought about that in deep.

Well let me tell you, all blogger website URL contains ?m=1 in their url by default.  But their admin use some codes to hide them from appearing in URL so that they looks professional and tidy.

So, in this article I'll guide through complete process to remove ?m=1 from Your blogger url. If you are ready then lets get started without any further do.

How To Remove "?m=1" From Blogger URL

How To Remove "?m=1" From Blogger URL

What is ?m=1 in blogger ?

Well, ?m=1 is a view parameter which helps to differentiate Between mobile view and desktop view. It will appear on all blogger website. Here ?m=1 denotes mobile view whereas m=0 denotes desktop view.

If you want to remove ?m=1 from your blogger URL then you are at right place. Please go through the following steps to remove ?m=1 from your blog URL.

Step 1 : Go to blogger dashboard and click on theme option.

Step 2 : Now Click On Edit Html Option which appears on drip down menu.

Step 3 : Now you have to add the script given just below the  <head>  Tag.

How to remove m=1 in blogger
<script type='text/javascript'>
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("%3D","%3D") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("%3D"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("%3D%3D","%3D%3D") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("%3D%3D"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("&m=1","&m=1") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("&m=1"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("?m=1","?m=1") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("?m=1"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);

Step 4 : Now Save the Script .

Step 5 : Go to your website and refresh it. Now ?m=1 will be removed from your URL successfully.

Why do we need to remove?m=1 from blogger URL ?

It is not 100% compulsory for you to remove ?m=1 from your blog URL. It is based on your personal choice whether you want to remove it or not. But according to my personal experience you should definitely remove ?m=1 from your Blog URL. 

It is necessary for you to remove ?m=1 becaue removing ?m=1 helps to make your blog url clean and professional. Let's take and example ;



Among two url which seems professional and tidy. There is no doubt that the first url looks professional. The first url looks professional because it is short and doesn't contain extra characters and unwanted symbols.

What happens if we don't remove ?m=1 ?

Well the answer of this question is simple. Using the above script also doesn't remove ?m=1 from blog url completely. It only hides ?m=1 from appearing in URL. It redirects your url to the original url in users browsers . There is no any method to remove it completely from your url.

I don't say that removing  ?m=1 from blog url doesn't make any change . Removing ?m=1 makes your website loading speed better then before.  It doesn't bring drastic change in your webiste speed. It only increase by little amount which is unnoticeable. 

So if you want to make your url short and clean by removing ?m=1 from your blog url then you can follow the steps given above.

In fact, I'm also using this script in my website to make the url short and professional.  So you can also definitely try this code without any worries.

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What is the M 1 problem in Blogger?

M=1 is a query parameter that appears in the URL of your blog hosted in blogger. It is automatically added in your blog post URL whenever someone visits your site through mobile.

Is removing m=1 bad for SEO?

Removing m=1 doesn't totally affect your site but from SEO perspective, it is not recommended to remove it. If you want to make your URL clear and clean then you can use the code given above to remove ?m=1 from blogger.

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